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Fence Construction in The Woodlands, TX

Is it time to replace you old fence that the home builder put up?

Horizontal Privacy Fence in Cedar - The Woodlands Privacy Fence CompanyThe privacy fences that most home builders put up are not usually quality built and at the very top end has a useful life span of about 10-12 years. Now I have seen fences in The Woodlands that have been in place 20 years but they were originally build well and all have good drainage in an area that is shielded from wind somewhat. The typical lifespan of a fence before it starts to have problems on average is about 10 years. If you have a property where the ground stays a little moist after a rain for more than a day the rate of life falls off. Cheap fences with two rails and no rot board may last 7-8 years tops. We have replaced fences put up after Hurricane Ike that are just falling apart because storm chasers did a poor job and cut corners.

Fence Options

We build both residential fence and commercial fence in The Woodlands. The majority of residential fences in the woodlands are wood privacy fences and ornamental iron fence. For our commercial clients we get a more variety of calls from chain link, wrought iron, security fence, cedar split-rail, construction fencing, temporary fencing, and more.

Custom Privacy Fence with Lattice on Top

Wood Fence

The most widely used material to build fence with is wood. The ability to shape, cut, and afford-ability of wood make it our most requested material in The Woodlands to build fencing from. We can build a custom wood fence from pressure treated wood or cedar wood that will look good and last a long time.

We can build a basic privacy fence if your are looking for the best fence price available or we can build our standard premium privacy fence if you looking for a fence that will not need maintenance or replacing anytime soon.

More than just privacy fencing we also offer other types of wood fence. You may want to check with The Woodlands Residential Design Review Committee (RDRC) for other designs allowed such as split-rail, stockade, and other types of wood fence.

Metal Fence

Ornamental Iron (Wrought Iron) fence is the most popular metal fence option in The Woodlands. We do offer other varieties as well such as aluminum fencing, chain link, r-panel fence, welded wire fence and other forms of farm & ranch fencing as seen below.

Ornimental Wrought Iron Fence in The Woodlands

If you would like to find out more about are metal fencing options it's best to contact us because the style options can range in price widely and it's best we talk with you and then we can point you into the direction that best fits your needs.

Barb Wire Fence

Farm & Ranch Fence

We don't build much in the way of farm and ranch fencing in The Woodlands other than maybe a dog run from chain link or wire mesh field fence but we do however build a lot of farm and ranch fencing in Tomball, Magnolia, Willis, Spring, and Conroe. So if you need a field fence, rustic fence, steel pipe fence, barbed wire, or game fence please contact us we do build these types of fences regularly.

Security Fence

All fences provide some security but some more than others. The primary aspect of security that a fence delivers is the following.

  • Defines Borders - You fence is a demarcation point
  • Privacy - What can't be seen is less likely to be of interest
  • Access Control - The size and strength of the fence determines its accessibility, security such as locks, operators, and other access restriction methods
  • Deterrence - Barbed wire and/or razor wire along with metal spears, or pointed pickets will detour the unwanted
Chain Link Fence

Commercial Fencing

For our business clients that need security to protect assets such as equipment, tools, and inventory we find ourselves deploying chain link fencing, security gates, solid r-panel fences and more. Wrought iron security fence and security bars is always an options.

Deck Construction & Maintenance

Wood Patio DeckWe also build other wooden structures such as wood decks. Contact us about building you a new deck, cleaning your deck, or restoring an old deck.

Wood Deck Construction

We can build a simple pressure treated platform deck to a more complex multi-level elevated custom deck from specialty woods or composites.

Deck Cleaning

After time mildew, mold, and fungus can grow on a deck. Dirt and grime can turn your deck black and the natural color of the deck can turn gray. To restore the look of your wood deck we use wood cleaning solutions to clean and brighten the wood. After cleaning we can stain and seal the deck also.

Deck Restoration

If your current deck is older but still remains in good structural condition we can inspect it, make repairs, introduce improvements, clean, stain, and seal the wood. We can completely restore an old deck to a near new condition. Results my vary based on the condition of your particular deck.

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