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Why should you choose cedar wood for the material to have your fence constructed from?

When selecting a material in which to have your fence built from appearance, cost, ease of maintenance and longevity should all be considered. Various woods and other materials are available for fencing. The most common fencing material is wood, specifically pressure treated pine or fir. Other materials include but not limited to composites, plastics, vinyl, metals such as steel and aluminum, and harder materials like stone and concrete.

For our discussion we will be interest in the difference between the two most common materials for wood privacy fences that are commonly constructed in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. Pressure treated wood is very good for ground contact and in addition can be less expensive than other woods such as cedar and hardwoods. Cedar has an advantage over pressure treated as that it does not need to be chemically treated to prevent rot and insect infestation. Cedar oils present in the wood are naturally resistant to rot and repel wood boring instects. The other key aspect is that cedar does not twist, warp, bow, cup, or otherwise distort to the same degree as a pine or fir product. If you desire to have a long lasting fence that looks great longer and may also desire a natural material that does not require a chemical to preseve the wood then in The Woodlands area cedar wood be the choice for you.

How Cedar Wood Benefits You in Your Fence Construction Projects.

Are you looking for a better than average fence that looks great and has the potential of lasting for a very long time? Does an affordable quality fence appeal to you more so than a good fence that cost less? If both of these questions would be answered with a yes then may we suggest we build a hybrid pressure treated frame and cedar dog-eared picket fence for you if your looking for an approved wood fence by The Woodlands Township. If you are looking for another design or type of fence approved by The Woodlands Township then we can work with you to design and build a fence to meet your wants, needs, and desires.

The reason Western Red Cedar is just plain Cedar is one of the best choices as a material to build with on The Upper Texas Gulf Coast is that it is affordable, is resistant to decay and is also resistant to insect attack and infestation. The natural oils or contained in cedar helps make the wood resistant to decay and insect attack. Cedar shrinks less and therefore is less prone to warping, twisting, and other common distortions seen in pine and fir.

Privacy Fencing

Lattice topped privacy fence
Would you like a lattice top privacy fence?

We can design any custom fence for you. Cedar wood is a very good choice but we can use pressure treated, vinyl, and other materials such as redwood and more. To give your new fence a little extra something and protection we can also stain and seal your new fence. We can add a real stylish fence to your home in many designs. Privacy Fence is often requested in The Woodlands but if you live in Magnolia, Tomball, Willis or other area you may be able to have just about any style fence you desire. Give us a call and we can design your fence and build it for you.

Inexpensive Fencing

Get a quote on an economical privacy fence in The Woodlands Texas.
This is an example of a typical pressure treated wood post and cedar dog-eared picket fence.

We get a lot of call from people with rent houses and home owners looking to sell their home. It is almost impossible to rent or sell a house with a bad fence. The reason why is that there is a lot of people that either have dogs, plan to have dogs, or other pets. The other big reason a bad dis-repaird fence shows badly and could put doubt in the mind of a home buyer as the condition of the rest of the home in question. With a new economical fence you will be able to sell the house or rent it out fast and not have to pay the next months mortgage.