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Using Chain Link Fence in The Woodlands

It is widely believed that chain link fencing, hurricane fence, or cyclone fencing is not allowed in The Woodlands. This simply isn't true according to The Woodlands Developmental Standards Section 2.4 paragraph B chain link fences are permitted for dog runs. You will not be able to use a cyclone fence around your house but if you need interior fencing hidden behind your current privacy fence than it is allowed if it meets specifications.

Chain link fencing not used for a dog-run may be used under the following conditions:

Uses for Chain Link Fencing are many.

Woven Fabric fencing or Chain Link has many uses for both commercial and residential applications.

Commercial Fencing

Chain Link fencing is the commercial choice for enclosing utility yards, vehicle parking lots, and equipment yards. In this picture you can see how a cantilever gate is used for a driveway entrance. If you need an industrial or commercial fencing option give us a call for an estimate.

Vacation Homes or Cabins

This vinyl chain link fence was installed at a lake area property when a string of break in demanded that the clients property be secured. In addition they wanted to contain their pets and other animals. Chain link comes in various heights starting at four foot tall to about eight foot tall. Custom fence can be constructed from multiple rows of fabric or custom ordering the fabric for your application.

Security Fencing

When you really need to provide security than a tall chain link fence with the addition of barb wire or razor wire arms can detour any bad guy from climbing your fence and taking your property. Security wire arms come in a few configurations such as single sided 45° arm, a vertical arm, and a V-Arm. Electric shock wire could also be use if desired.

Equipment Yard Fencing

If you have a fleet of vehicles, impound yard, or a parking lot a six foot galvanized fence is a good choice to keep your property safe. For additional security add barb wire arms and video. Don't forget to add an automated gate that slides or swings open. Give us a call and we can help you on your cyclone fence design.