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Common Commercial Fencing Products

Below you will find but a few advantages and disadvantages to a few materials commonly used for commercial fencing project in and around The Woodlands Texas.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing
Chain link fencing is one of the most common fencing materials used for commercial fences. You may hear this product referred to by many names such as "Chain Link", "Cyclone", or "Hurricane" fencing. Chain link has many benefits such as wide availability, security, ability to be constructed in varying sizes and dimensions. In addition it is quite affordable. The only real drawback to cyclone fencing is it's inability to provide privacy. However even having brought up the point for a nominal cost one could add privacy slates in the woven fabric to provide privacy. So this is why chain link fencing is the top choice for a majority of commercial fencing projects.
Wood Fence for Privacy and Boundaries
The benefits of working wood are many. Carpenters and handyman all over The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and the Conroe area have the ability to construct and make repairs to wood fencing. This makes the upkeep and maintenance of wooden fence structures easy to obtain. Customization and design allows a huge range of styles and types of fence that can be built with wood. In addition working with wood does not require special tools or machinery which keeps labor cost to a minimum. There are a few disadvantages to using wood as a material to construct your fencing from. The first and most apparent is that over time wood decays and can be infested by wood boring insects. Another would be that wood can be cut, burned, or smashed easily which does not lend itself very well as a security fence.

If you are only looking to add privacy or create boundaries wood is a good choice for any commercial fencing project.

Wrought Iron or Galvanized Steel Fencing
When you need a secure fence that is also very stylish, strong, and long lasting a ornamental steel fence is the choice of choices. The key advantage of working with steel is that it is very strong and lends itself perfectly to a security barrier. Trained and experienced tradesmen can bend, twist, and shape steel into many shapes and designs to give the ability to customize any wrought iron or metal fencing project. Common welding techniques are used to join fence panels, post, and extruded metal components as needed. In addition if you are looking for a classic fence that will never go out of style ornamental fencing is sure to add value to your business or commercial property. It seems that everything has its pro's and con's. The disadvantages to wrought iron style fencing are that it does not provide privacy, it will rust, and it can be expensive due to specialized fabrication and installation requirements. All that it is highly cherished and is a good choice for certain commercial fencing projects.

Vinyl Fencing
Vinyl fencing is a fantastic material to build with if you are looking for a low maintenance fencing material. Vinyl does not suffer from rust, rot, or insect infestation such as wood or steel. In addition the need for painting is not needed. Vinyl can be molded in to a large number of shapes and designs such as post, rails and panels. UV inhibitors and impact modifiers increase the ability to reduce damage from the sun and impacts. Vinyl is not as strong as other materials and can not support weight well or extreme forces. While it does not need painting it can chalk and mold can grow on it despite mold inhebitors which may be included in the formulation of the vinyl.

Vinyl is available in varying formulations and thicknesses and if purchased correctly can be a fine fencing material for your commercial project.
Agricultural Fencing Products
If you have a farm or ranch you will likely use any number of styles and materials for fencing. Vinyl fences could be used for a horse pasture, barbed wire to contain your cattle, wire mesh for smaller animals, and even electric fence. The down falls to agricultural fence are the process of deciding what and how to construct the fence based on the animals being contained. Simply give us a call and we can help you determine the best material and construction specifications for your fencing project.

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