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Basic Corral Fence Construction

The basic corral fence is built on a simple post and rail design. The basics go like this; set a line of post and attach two, three, or four horizontal boards to the faces of those post. In addition it is also common to run a cap rail atop the post and top rail. A corral fence or board fence is ideal for containing larger animals such as horses, cows, goats, and sheep. As a supplement wire mesh may be attached to contain smaller animals.

Border or Boundary Fencing

Corral fence is often used even without the need to contain animals to define property lines, borders, and boundaries. This type of fencing can be very economical where it is not a cheap as barb wire or as expensive as a privacy fence it does find a happy medium price point. Board fence is substantial enough so that passers by know that it is a boundary that should not be crossed but does not provide a security solution or privacy.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barb wire fence is the cost effective fence material for cattlemen and ranches around the world. Before barb wire was invented livestock virtually free roamed the countryside.

Field Fence

The Swiss army knife of fencing has to be wire mesh fencing. In its simplest for it is good for a garden or a dog run. If heavier fixed knot 12 gauge galvanized mesh with proper post sizes, bracing, and spacing it can be used to corral cattle. This type of fence in taller heights also makes a good game fence.