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What type of fence designs are allowed in The Woodlands Texas?

Sometimes it is very difficult to know what you are allowed to do or build on property you own because of audacious rules mandated by your neighborhood HOA. I have put together some of the fence styles described as types recognized by The Woodlands Township. As with any project you undertake you should get a permit and approval before building any fence in The Woodlands, TX.

Recognized Fence Types In The Woodlands Texas

Capped Panel Type "L" Fencing

A type L fence is a privacy type fence that can be built from either pressure treated lumber or cedar. This design has a bottom board or rot board, vertical pickets positioned side by side with a top rail and a cap on the top rail for a refined finished look. Be sure to check with The Woodlands Township, your neighborhood, and The Woodlands Code of Standards.

Capped Picked Type "H" Fencing

The type H fence is very similar to the Type L fence with the exception that the vertical pickets a spaced apart allowing a visual gap between fence boards.

Capped Shadow Box Type "K" Fencing

The Capped Shadow Box or type K fence is commonly referred to as a capped good neighbor fence. This could be a two or three rail fence where the pickets are spaced apart but yet still allow privacy because on the opposite side of the fence picket fill in the gapped area on the opposite side. The type K also has a cap board for a finished look.

Framed Lattice Picket Fence Type "P"

When you are really looking for a little design flair consider a Lattice Picket Top Fence or a type P. This is basically a privacy fence with a framed in lattice that is suited well for a garden feel. You should really check with your HOA before having this fence build as with any fence in The Woodlands. A key concern with this fence is the overall height.

Open Ballister Type "D" Fencing

An open ballister or type D fence is constructed with a top and bottom rail with 2x2 or 3x3 pickets spaced 4 to 6 inches apart. In addition this fence also is finished out with a cap rail.

Open Picket Type "E" Fencing

This is a basic semi-private dog eared picket fence. These fence can come in either a two rail design or a three rail design. On the type E fence the pickets are spaced with a small gap between them.

Picket Privacy Type"J" Fencing

The type J fence design is the very most popular fence that is constructed in The Woodlands and for that matter in most communities throughout The Greater Houston area and it's suburbs. The type J picket fence is normally built with 2 species of wood (Pressure Treated Pine or Cedar) and with either 2 or 3 rails.

Shadow Box Type "I" Fencing

Second only to The type "J" fence the Shadow Box Fence weights in as the #2 best seller. This is basically the same design except the picket alternate from side to side of the fence. This as a compromise on who gets the ugly side of the fence. If one neighbor or the other wants a completely finished fence on there side a batten board can be installed to cover the gap. This will give you a board and batten dog eared picket fence on one side and a type "E" or open picket design on the other.

Solid Brick Wall Type "F" Fencing

This style of a solid brick wall has a base row of bricks, the layered wall topped with a brick cap. The type "F" fence is usually reserved for common fence lines for neighborhoods and commercial applications.

Split Rail Type "C" Fencing

If you live on the outer edges or get special approval you can have us install a two or three rail type "C" Cedar Split Rail Fence. If you are looking for a rustic or western looking fence this is the style your looking for. This fence style is very popular in Magnolia, Conroe, Tomball, Willis, and other areas on the fringes of The Woodlands.

Wrought Iron With Brick Columns and Brick Capping Type "O" Fencing

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This style of fence is commonly used in commercial and neighborhood community fencing. The type "O" fence has brick columns with an open picket wrought iron fence or type "A" fence atop the brick footer.

Wrought Iron With Brick and Stone - Brick Capping Type "N" Fencing

More decorative than a type "O" fence the type "N" wrought iron with brick and stone fence with brick capping is another nice commercial or neighborhood fence solution.

Wrought Iron With Brick or Masonry Column (Transparent) Type "B" Fencing

The type "B" wrought iron with brick or masonry column (transparent) fence design approved by The Woodlands Township is a nice open view design with strong elements of ornamental steel or wrought iron fence attached to brick columns is popular around ponds, pools, playgrounds and commercial applications such as outdoor seating areas.

Common Wrought Iron (Transparent) Type "A" Fencing

This is the most popular wrought iron or ornamental steel fencing solution approved in The Woodlands. Ornamental fencing can be constructed from aluminum, steel, or actual wrought iron, yet rare. The type "A" fence is widely used in residential fencing in The Woodlands.