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Custom Gate Installations

We can help you come up with an entrance gate design and then fabricate your new gate and finally professionally install it. In addition we can fabricate and install walk through gates, pool gates, security gates, and more.

Gate Design and Installation

wood and iron fenceWhen it comes time to having a driveway gate or home entrance way gate installed at you home time should be taken to design and plan in advance. Before just picking any gate that looks good and having it installed a few other points should be addressed. Points like the security needs, gate strength, and longevity requirements.

cantilevered rolling chain link security gateDoes the gate provide adequate security for my home? The picket spacing, horizontal surfaces (foot holds), picket ends (blunt or sharp), height, and if additional security such as razor wire or electrified should come into play. For most people a simple gate that is at least six feet tall with minimal horizontal rails and close picket spacing with spear point finials is a great design for security. But if the aesthetics of the gate is more important to you then the artistic design will over shadow the security aspect. The last major thing to consider is the gate material and construction method. Today gates come in may materials such as hot dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, vinyl, and composites. We suggest going with a hot dipped galvanized steel gate that is strong, resist rust and will last a very long time if properly cared for.

Gate Design

custom Ornamental gate
This is typically what people think of as a gate, but gates come in many designs, sizes, and materials.

Gate Operators / Gate Openers

Liftmaster Gate Operator in Use
Gate operators and/or openers are mostly found on entrance way gates made of either wrought iron, steel, or chain link. An opener however can be installed on just about any style of gate.