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Cheap Fencing .Vs Inexpensive Fence

Affordable fence and gates are built well and may use less expensive materials and alternative construction methods as a means to reduce the price. A Cheap fence is put up with little regard as to how long it will last and concentrates on two things how cheap can it be made and will it be good enough to get paid on. We will not build a cheap fence. The most common way to save money on a fence is to use less expensive wood. For example rather than using a redwood or cedar a better option would be to use a pressure treated pine product. In the case of a privacy fence the rot board or bottom board can be eliminated (We would suggest a gap of about 2 inches from the ground so the bottom of the pickets don't get wet.). Another example if you are having us to build a corral fence we could use pressure treated wood and eliminate the cap board and post trim without affecting the quality of the fence. Yet another way is that you put in some sweat equity, for instance we would build the frame of a fence and you could attach the pickets. Yet another way to save some money is to totally change the style of fence you build, as an example rather than have a cedar spit rail fence with wire mesh fence built simply have a round post and t-post wire mesh fence constructed.

Things to be on the look out for when it comes to cheap fences in The Woodlands

There are a few things to be on the look for when you get a cheap low cost wood privacy fence built in The Woodlands. The first thing is to check a few references and talk to at least two or the past customers. The other thing is; are they from the region? Where it is perfectly fine to have a fence company from Katy, Kingwood, Livingston, or Houston build your fence it in not a good idea after a hurricane to have an out of town company from Dallas, Austin, or Louisiana build your fence because they are only going to focus on production and payment rather than quality and customer service.

Examples of some short cuts that cheap fence builders take. The first thing is to use pressure treated wood that has been bought as culled or weathered. The next big thing is only using a top and bottom rail, this is an accepted practice but please keep in mind that the less wood to attach the pickets to the more prone it will be to twist, warp, and cup. When it comes to nailing the wood cheap contractors will buy the least expensive smooth shaft nails available that will corrode in pressure treated wood and back out. A hot dipped galvanized ring shank or screw shank nail should be used. For a premium fence stainless steel screws should be used. The last thing to look out for is how long are the post and how much is going in the ground (Every post should receive at least 60lbs. of concrete.). Each post should be set at least 24" deep gate post should be set at least 30" deep.