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New Fence .vs Fence Repair

When deciding on building a new fence you should call us to determine new fence prices and the cost of not having it replaced. The HOA will require you to repair your fence on a regular basis if it does not look good or is in disrepair. Don't get locked in to a spiral of expense repairing an old and failing fence.

New Fence Cost .Vs Repair Cost
New Fence – There are 3 reasons to have a new fence built rather than repairing an old fence in disrepair. The first is if there is no fence currently. The second is that cost of repairs exceed more than twenty percent of what it would cost to tear down and have a new fence constructed. The third reason is you want a new fence and that's it.

When determining to whether to repair or replace you should consider if you get the fence repaired how long will it be until the rest of the fence needs to be repaired also. You could be headed down a path of repair after repair only having to replace it in the end. So a lot of times with an old fence it is best just to have it removed and a new fence constructed.
Common Fence Repairs – Below you find a list of the most request fence and gate repairs.
  • Replace Pickets
  • Sure up or Replace line post
  • Fix a leaning fence
  • Erect a fence that has fallen down
  • Pressure Wash and Stain a Fence
  • Fix a sagging gate
  • Fix a latch on a gate
  • Replace worn or bent gate hinges
  • Adjust a gate that is starting to sag.

In summary – it makes sense to repair if the cost are low and the fence as a whole is in good shape. I does not make sense if the fence as a whole is in poor condition otherwise you will be headed down a path of constant repair and in the end will need to replace the fence anyway.

Most Requested newly contracted fence designs to be constructed in The Woodlands Texas

Ornamental Fencing

This is a fine example of a new wrought iron and wood fence to replace an old rotten wood fence section.

Call us for assistance on designing a new fence and for pricing on building a new iron or wood fence.

Residential Fencing

Have us build you a new privacy fence and we can usually have it completed in just a few days.

Give us a call before your replace your existing fence. We can build a quality fence on a budget you can afford.