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Ornamental Steel Fence & Gate vs. Ornamental Aluminum Fence & Gate

We suggest steel ornamental fencing over aluminum for some of the following reasons:

Steel is 4x stronger than aluminum (source: US Steel) Aluminum is more susceptible to fatigue, sagging and damage
Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion occurs in untreated steel in the form of red rust Corrosion occurs in aluminum in the form of oxidation
How is Corrosion Prevented?
The industry standard for rust prevention for steel is to hot dip galvanize the product. Then the product is then either powder coated or painted to color specifications. Aluminum is often just painted in some instances zinc galvanization, zinc phosphate is used to prevent corrosion.
Component welding is the standard for most steel fencing, although self tapping screws are being used in more frequency. Screws of pop-rivets are often used in the construction of aluminum fencing products. Rarely will you find welding done. Aluminum requires TIG welding and can much more difficult unless trained and the installer is well seasoned at this type of welding.
Damage Resistance
Steel fencing when properly installed can withstand all the daily abuse from children, dogs, adults, and the falling of smaller tree limbs and branches. Flimsy construction requires frequent repair and replacement
Post Spacing
Standard 8' wide panels require fewer posts and less installation costs Standard 6' wide panels require more specialty posts, concrete and higher installation costs

Why is ornamental iron fence so desirable?

There are a number of reasons one would have a fence constructed or installed on their property. What ever the reasons you specifically have one thing is for sure you need to get as good as quality as possible, have it look good, and last a long time. Ornamental steel fencing and gates meet those basic needs. It is possible to have you gate or fence customized to your needs as far as height, style, security measures and more. Ornamental iron also increases the value of your home.

Ornamental Gates

This is an example of a highly ornate custom iron gate.

Gate Operators / Openers

We use LiftMaster and other quality operators to open your gate.