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Common materials to construct patios

Most every house has a simple unimpressive 10x10 concrete patio at the back door. If you would like something more substantial you do have a few choice for your new patio. The first is simply expanding or adding new concrete patios for more patio area. A step up is to expand your concrete patio and have it all etched and stamped. You could also choose to have a natural stone used for your patio. A common stone used would be flagstone. The third most common material is pavers, they come in different shapes and shades. Another popular patio material is simple brick or a river rock. So as you can see patios can be constructed from many materials and design layouts.

Ask us about other related services

We provide many services such as cleaning, staining, and sealing decks and patios. If you would like to add some stone architecture, a pergola, trellis, or patio benches just give us a call and we can make it happen.