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We can build you a wood pergola for you back yard or outdoor kitchen

Pergola construction looks very simple in design but when working with large timbers and working off ladders it may be in the best interest of most home owners to call on experience to get the job completed with out event, on time, and on budget. Our crews are familiar of how to handle large timbers like 6x6's and the usually large rafters. In addition we can pour the concrete slab and apply any rock fascia as needed.

Pergola Design and Installation

A pergola is often grouped with trellis's and arbors but a pergola is perhaps better grouped with covered patios due to the size and use. A typical pergola design consist of large pillars where cross beams are attached. On top of the beams you will find rafters with decoratively cut rafter tails and attached to the rafter to create a lattice for shade small strips of lumber like 2x2's are attached perpendicular to the rafter to cast a shadow on the area below.

Pergolas are often used as a cover over a deck or outdoor kitchen. The traditional use is as an outdoor sitting area with benches, tables, etc. There is no bad use, a well constructed pergola adds visual interest to your property and has been found to raise the selling price and cut the time on the market for homes for sale.

Patio Construction

Would you like a stone patio with a pergola and BBQ. This is a project that is in the process of being constructed.

Wood Deck Construction

A common request while were building pergolas, arbors, and covered patios is to build a wood deck.