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Wood that is pressure treated last longer.

Wood is the most widely used material for outdoor construction projects such as decks, patios, pergolas, and fences. Working with wood is easier and requires common tools rather than specialized equipment, this keeps the cost down on most projects. Unfortunately wood makes a great meal for wood boring insects like termites, ants, and wood destroying bacteria and fungus. If not painted or treated in some way it will only last a few years. There are certain species of wood that is naturally resistant to insects, and wood rot such as cedar and black locust. On The Texas Gulf Coast the best option for anything that has ground contact is a chemically treated wood such as fir or pine. Southern Yellow Pine is the most common pressure treated wood found in The Woodlands Texas.

Many types of fence can be built from pressure treated wood.

All wood fence can be found being built from naturally resistant woods such as cedar, redwood, black locust and others, but along the Gulf Coast the wood primarily used for outdoor construction is ACQ Pressure Treated Pine. Pressure treated wood is a permanent method for preserving the life of timber. The process of treating wood with chemicals under pressure is proven and reliable. This process allows for a more predictable and reliable method to gauge the amount and degree of penetration of preservative chemicals imparted into the wood.

Picket Fences

This is an ACQ pressure treated dog eared picket fence. This pressure treated wood fence has three horizontal rails and a single walk through gate.

Post & Rail -or- Board Fence

This is an example of a corral fence used to contain horses. You will find that a fence style can be called by many names.

Log Fence

Log fences are typically untreated trees that have been cut down and then used for fencing purposes. The most common wood used for these type fence is cedar, hickory, black locust, and other wood rot resistant wood species. Sometimes Pine and other woods are shaved down and treated chemically with the CCA or other methods to be used as fence post.

Split Rail Fence

A split rail or round log fence is a simple post and rail fence but uses mortise and tenon joinery to build the fence. Most often this type of fence is either a cedar or black locust fence but can be found as a treated pine product.