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Popular Rural Fencing Options

Chain Link Fencing - Sometimes called cyclone fence or hurricane fence this woven wire fence is one of the most poplar fence designs since the early 1950's. Chain link fence is great for residential applications and pet containment. So if you need a fence to define your border and keep small to medium sized animals in or out then ask us about building you a chain link fence. We build fences from four foot tall to eight foot tall on a regular basis in The Woodlands, Spring, and Magnolia area.

Wire Mesh / Field Fence - This inexpensive yet high value fencing can be used for a very wide number of applications. We commonly use welded wire fence to attach to open style fence such as corral fence or split rail fence to give those fences the ability to contain pets and animals while still maintaining the original looks of the fence. In addition it can be used as game fence to keep out deer, pig, coyotes, and woodlands animals from your garden, pool, yard, etc. Field fence can also be a budget friendly agricultural fence. Call us with your ideas and questions.

Barbed Wire Fence - A fence technology that transformed America and The World. Before barbed wire was created transplanting thorny bushes and trees was a common practice to confine cattle to an area. With the invention of barbed wire fence came the ability to raise cattle on ranches and not have the free roam which lead to a more robust beef industry in America and around The World. A barbed wire fence is simple in construction which is a post, barb wire, and staples. Now to build a long lasting and strong barbed wire fence takes the knowledge of proper post placement, bracing, and wire tying practices. If you need a barbed wire fence give us a call and we can do a professional strong fence for you.

Rural Fence Applications

The first thing when choosing an appropriate fence is to determine the requirements of the application. If the need is to pasture cattle then a stronger post and barb wire fencing may be needed, on the other hand if the goal is to contain sheep than a good quality field fence might be the answer. The first thing to consider is the size, strength, and aggressiveness of the animal, this will determine post strength and spacing. Other factors such as wire mesh pattern, wire gauge, and fence height should all be considered when choosing the size and construction method of building your fence on your farm or ranch.

Gates and Cattle Guards

Depending on the style of fence that you have will determine the best gate to install. The most common gate for rural applications are tube gates that you could commonly find at your local agriculture supply store or Tractor Supply®. Another gate that is used a lot for rural fences is a chain link gate, and the third is a custom build wood gate.

Pet Fence

Puppies in a dog kennel
With some simple t-post and vinyl coated wire mesh fencing we can build you a very affordable fence for you puppies too.

Dog Fencing

Two Dogs Hugging over a fence
Sometimes your dog and the neighbors dog does not always play this well together. We can build you a quality dog run.

Split Rail Fence

Rural Cedar Split log fencing
Building a perfect straight and level fence does not happen by accident. Call us and we will build you a straight, plumb, and level cedar split rail fence.

Chain Link Fencing

Wire fabric chain link fence
Do you want a better looking chain link fence? Ask us about vinyl coated cyclone fencing, in my opinion they look fantastic.

Corral Fences

Horse fence with field fence to keep the predators out.
This is a great example of supplementing a four rail corral or horse fence with a wire mesh fencing product to build a multi-purpose farm or ranch fence.

Wire Mesh Fencing / Field Fence

Inexpensive field fence with a barb wire top to contain both larger and smaller animals.
I have this style of fence on my own property. It's a wire mesh with a 2"x4" mesh on treated round post with a barbed-wire top run.

Barbed Wire Fence

Close up of a two-barb wire fence strand.
If you have a ranch and need large distances of barb wire run give us a call and we can get done right.

Wood Fencing

Custom Cedar fence with horizontal fence boards.
Are you tired of looking at the same 'ole privacy fences? Let us build you a horizontal picket fence to add some flare.