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Rural Log or Split Log Fencing

Cedar Split-Rail fence is one of the best looking fences for defining borders of a property. It has either two or three rails and the post are generally set ten feet apart. The post and rails utilize a tenon and mortise design to construct the fence. Since the wood is from cedar logs that have been split the wood is naturally rot and insect resistant. If you need to contain smaller animals a wire mesh welded wire can be attached to it for animal containment.

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Installation of Cedar Split Rail Fencing

As long as the fence line is clear of brush and trees a split-rail fence can be put up fairly fast. This type fence is a contour fence, this means that it will roll with the contour of the land. If the ground is fairly flat we can make best efforts to make the tops of the post level.

Rural Fencing

Are you looking for a garden fence or maybe a dog-run. We can use a combination of simple post and rail construction and wire mesh fencing to create a border fence that prevent animal traffic in or out of an area. This same fence could easily be constructed from cedar split-rail.

Chain Link Fencing

If you need to have a fence that is strong and tall to add some security to your property talk with us about a galvanized chain link fence or a vinyl coated chain link fence. Chain link or Cyclone fence has a proven track record and is a perfect fence for a border and containing domestic pets.