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Welded Wire and other types of wire fence

Let's go over the basics about wire fence options. The first thing to consider is what is the purpose of the fence. In most cases wire mesh fencing is used for animal containment. You will need to determine the size and strength of the animal(s). Will they be hoofed or not, and if so what is the size of the hooves? Are these animals prone to rub on the fence or lean on it?

Let's first determine the mesh pattern of the fence. If you have hoofed animals you would like to get a mesh pattern small enough so they don't get their hooves caught in the fence. Animals trapped in a fence can be seriously injured or killed. The second issue to consider is the height and weight of the fence. If you have jumping animals like deer, emu, or exotics then you may want a taller fence. Deer fence or game fence is usually eight foot tall. As far as the weight, strength, or gauge goes the lower the number the stronger the wire. Wire gauges typically range from about 12 gauge up to about 16 gauge. A 12 gauge fence would have thicker wire than a 16 gauge wire. The final consideration is how is the fence mesh wires attached. The cheaper wire will be welded at the intersection point of wire and the better wire mesh fences will be tied or knotted together with various styles of knots, some better than others. So if you have heavier bulkier animals like pigs, horses, cattle then you would want to get the right mesh pattern and a strong knotted fence. A 12 gauge wire knotted five foot tall mesh fence with a 2 inch by 4 inch pattern would be a good choice. You will find this listed commonly as 2x4x12 galvanized Mesh. The height and length of the roll will often be listed separately 48" x 100' so that would be 48" tall and 100' long. It is also good to note that this type of fence may also be referred to as field fence.

Points about installation of a wire mesh fence

The thing to remember about a wire mesh fence is that it needs to be stretched and tensioned. So in a lot of respects the forces acted on it are much like a barbed wire fence. It is critical when setting post especially the corner post, brace post, gate post, and intermediate bracing. I would suggest that you learn more about setting post for your wire mesh fence by visiting the section about Installation of Barbed Wire on our site.

Wire Mesh Fence – Common Types: