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Deck Construction and Planning

When deciding on building a wood deck at your home in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Tomball, or even Willis take the time to determine the use and needs based on the use you will require. A deck can serve many purposes such as a back door patio, outdoor kitchen, pool decking, or to be used as architecture. Another good and common use for decking is to make use of land were the topography is such that building a deck gives you a nice level location to use for relaxing, entertainment, BBQs, and etc.

Tips For Planning a New Deck

Start by envisioning yourself entering the main area where you are planning to have your new wood deck built. Imagine walking from the entrance or main area off of your home, garden, etc. and envision the activities that will be going on and where they would best be located. Do this "Mind Walk" two or three times and pay attention to the details as is there water close by to the BBQ, electric, areas you need to reach easily such as the kitchen, or maybe the pool. The idea is to visualize the traffic and use patterns and plan first before building. Your project will go smoother and you will be happier with the end result.

Now that you have visualized the use and function of your new deck now you should consider the shape, levels, color, and accessories. When I say accessories I am talking about benches, planter boxes, canopies, covers, outdoor kitchen, etc.

The final thing is to choose a contractor or DIY, make sure you get authorization from your HOA, Community Planning, and get a building permit. Please call us to discuss your project at the phone number at the top of this page or use the form to the right.

Wood Deck Construction Materials to Choose From

There are many species of wood you could build a deck from but only two in the Houston area that are common and budget minded. The first and most common is pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine and the other is Cedar. Other woods like redwood, dug-las fir, cypress can be had but may be a little costly or be in limited supplies. An alternative to wood would be a composite decking material like Trex®.

After the construction of your deck it should be left to leech any chemicals or natural fluids for at least 30 days. Then it would be a good idea to stain and seal your new deck. Just maintain your deck with seasonal surface cleaning, and annual deck cleaning pressure washing if needed, but try a good quality low-pressure deck cleaner first.


This is an example of a pergola we built in Spring Texas. The wood deck has two levels, built in benches, handrails, and a wide stair way going to a stone patio covered by a pergola.


Here is an example of a pergola with a flagstone patio, rock columns and an outdoor kitchen in Magnolia.